Dominika Berger’s paintings have a very powerful and beautiful content, with their forms, volumes, lines and rhythms. With a few small imbalances she manages to express an unknown art, full of mystery and great significance. With her figurations, which contrast and intertwine, she leads to a point of potential risk, which is so necessary when we try to convey a message.

I believe in the brushstrokes as a direct attempt of expression, made with the gesture of the hand and accompanied with matter and instruments, said with vehemence, delicacy, sensitivity contained in every moment, in the spirit and thought.

In Dominika’s paintings there is a point of risk; she does not say it, her paintings reveal it. When you look at them, you are left with the desire to see more, that’s why, as it has been said before, it is something apparently unknown, intimate, tender, sensitive and it becomes close and it has mystery, which is the most important, basic thing in art.

Raimond Maragall