Anything I do, I always try to do it the best possible way – seems to be the credo in Mrs. Berger’s life. Specific meaning and sense may be observed in the young artist’s way of working. The fruit of this work does not consist in producing surfaces painted one after the other, in separate layers, thus being only objects flown out of a brief, fleeting decorative fancy. Instead, her work gives birth to pictures which are dramatic materialisations of her reflections on an extremely personal vision of the world, which she is observing and intensely living. The pictures are like notes in a process of a complex acknowledgement full of doubts that show her will to understand and almost rise to the basic rules that command nature. In such an intent, her pictures aim to formulate her proper means of painting articulation. That is why her work is a difficult process with no possibilities of reaching a conclusion, a succession of constant repaints that accumulate in the obsessive prosecution of truth and harmony in nature.

Marek Szymański

For Dominika Berger that of utmost expressive importance is the painting process itself. Mobility of matter, changes that paint is submitted to, a hand gesture or a tool trace, vehemence or tactfulness in applying the paint, all of them remark the dynamic process of their artworks in their/her struggle to “come to be”. The vehemence of paint itself appears in her artworks as both an impetuous and a static element, the painter’s will, since her paintings always show a peculiar atmosphere of soberness and continence, a certain degree of contemplative moderation and austerity. What constitutes the character of Dominika Berger’s painting is in my opinion the natural manner in which she expresses an encounter of the sphere of contemplation with the sphere of determination, both of them aiming to simultaneously preserve their extreme parts and their opposite faces.

Mirosław Sikorski